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Birchwood brochures

From the 'home' of Birchwood


Pam Daws, the daughter of Ted Andrews (above)  the man who started Birchwood,  provided a stack of brochures and some facts on the company.

How they were built


One brochure describes and shows how the boats were built at the factory in Nottinghamshire. 

Birchwood Life


This is the company magazine published in 1990. It covers some events and boat introductions through 1989.   

Birchwood 85


No, not  a boat designation but descriptions - in English, German and French - and pics of boats from 1985. Includes: Countess 27, Commodore 31, Empress 42, Super Sports TS33 and Regent 48. 

Cut aways


A few of the brochures have excellent cut-away illustrations showing exterior and interior views.    

Full List


I am copying the brochures before I return the originals to Pam. Below is a list of the brochures and info in my possession. If you want a copy send an email to:  

Birchwood boats information

We hold information on most Birchwood  models. For info send an email to: with your email address and stating in which marque you are interested. John will send the relevant file to you. (don't forget the case studies and other pdf files available on the last page.)  

Files coming soon.

Name Badge & Burgee News 8 February 2020

Birchwood decal  - 2 sets left

I have produced a 15 inch long Birchwood badge as a cut-out (so no background).

These are vinyl, self adhesive badges that you apply yourself. Simple instructions are provided.

I have only two sets left. 

2 badges for £14 + £3 P&P.  (£4.50 for postage into the EU)

Contact me with your name and address and I will send payment details and post your badges. 


I am still in discussions with a supplier for a (30x20cm) triangular burgees in white  polyester with the 'Birchwood' logo, as shown, printed on both sides. They will be supplied with rope and toggle.  

Price is around £15 each. (Less if large quantity is ordered.)

I do not yet have enough orders to make this project viable. Is anyone else is interested? 

Unless I receive more enquiries I will remove this section. 


News at 2 February 2020

Motor Boat Owner

The February issue is to the usual high standard.  and will be of interest to all Birchwood Boat Owners. The Q&A section includes a piece on  replacement of a Volvo 100B drive ball socket on a Birchwood. Also  retro fitting a heating system. The 'Project' continues the overhaul of the Volvo 290SP trim ram. 

The Birchwood 290 is compared to the Sealine S29. 

For your own free copy go to:  

Facebook Birchwood Owners Group

This has many members who share a love of their Birchwood boats. There are pics of many different Birchwoods and lots of useful information. We, and Birchwood Marine, are in the group and exchange info and pics.

Motor Boat & Yachting

For your own copy go to:     

Birchwood Boats

Birchwood Marine can be found at:  . 

Diary Dates

North Essex Boat Jumble  29 March 

Thames Boat Jumble  16 April

Horning Boat Show  2 May 

Thames Valley/London Boat Show  8-10 May 

British Motor Yacht Show 14-17 May

Brundall Boat Show 16 May

South Coast Boat Show  15-17 May 

All Wales Boat & Leisure Show 29-30 May

Poole Harbour Boat Show 12-18 June 

Southampton Boat Show 11-20 Sept 


The register of Birchwood Boats is growing. Thank you to those who have provided details. To join the register, please send your name and contact details together with your boat type and name, and where you moor and cruise to: ( 

Questions & Answers


Send your query and we'll provide an answer

Owner's queries are placed here with any response added as it arrives.  Latest: 17/01/2020

Also see downloadable Case Studies on the last page. 

Fuel Tank Replacement

Q: The owner of a Birchwood TS37 wants information on replacing his boats starboard fuel tank. He asked for plans to assist and we sent what we have but it was minimal. 

A: Ernie Vick of Birchwood, forwarded the following information from Michael Bean who worked at Birchwood boats in Nottinghamshire. Thank you Mick and Ernie.

1. Unscrew the cupboard top from inside the cupboard.

2. Unscrew the fixings to side deck. There might also be a few screws into the helm seat cupboard, also a few screws in the plinth at floor level.

3. Cupboard should now be removed.

4. Take out the floor infill. (Some tanks came through the floor, others did not) Should now see the top fixings for tank, take out.

5. Undue all pipe work to tank.

6. The tank may have a couple of fixing at the bottom or bottom side, tank is trapped in by upstand on base.

7. Take out the main floor joist next to tank, make sure the tank is empty, tilt the tank inwards and lift out from under the side deck.

Make sure to protect the engine, will take three people to lift out, not to heavy just awkward as you will probably be standing on the engine.

Watermota Sea Panther

Q: Andy Wilson has carried out a mass of refurb on his Birchwood 25. He asks if anyone has knowledge of the Watermota Sea Panther (diesel) engine. He replaced the 'blue engine' - which was a bit smokey (blueish smoke rather than black diesel) and tended to burn through its oil - with a fully refurbished Red Watermota Sea Panther complete with gearbox unit.  However, this smokes as much/or more than the old one and especially when it starts from cold.  He’s tried different grades of oil, fuel additives and had the CAV Pump and injectors fully overhauled but it's still smoky. Andy wonders if this is just a feature of old technology?  

A: Have you any experience with this? Can you advise Andy? Please send your reply to: , Andy will be advised and your response published here. 

Fitting a bathing platform

Q: Andy Wilson and his partner Chrissie asked about sourcing a bathing platform and the fitting of same. 

A: Birchwood Classics provided pics of platforms fitted to Birchwood boats and recommended Sheridan Marine for supply. Andy provided provided info and pics of his project and a Case Study is now available. See last page on this website. 

Hot Water Heater

Q: Nathan and Tina King asked on the Birchwood facebook group site how to heat water without an inboard engine. They are looking at gas water heaters and would appreciate suggestions or other options. 

A: Though Wild Garlic has an inboard engine water for sink and heads - including shower unit - has been  provided through a Palomo gas water heater for 26 years. Most important is draining the water completely before winter sets in. A Case Study has been printed and can be downloaded from the files at the end of this site.

Can anyone add to this?  Please send comments to : 

Do you have a query?

 Send it to: and we'll try to provide an answer.   

Birchwood Boats and other Classic Cruisers

Other cruisers?


Whatever type of cruiser you have it is hoped that the info on this site will be useful to you.   Let us know if there is a subject you would like covered. If we don't have it, we'll do our best to obtain info and publish it here. 

For ALL Motor Boat Owners


There is a free digital magazine which covers all aspects of ownership of motor boats. It includes articles on new boats and accessories as well as projects on all types of classic cruisers. Sign up at:  

Your story


The work you have done, or had done, on your boat is of interest and use to other boaters. This site can tell them about your project. 

Please send info and pics. 

Above is cabin added to Dave Gray's Birchwood 25.

Birchwood Classics . . . February 2020


Birchwood Classics & Classic Cruisers

This website not only provides information to owners and admirers of Birchwood boats but also to owners of similar classic cruisers. Leaflets showing the Birchwood boats built over the years can be downloaded from the last page of this site.  

The site is constantly added to and updated to provide useful information, owner's images and case studies. These include renovations, updates and problem solving. The  products and companies mentioned are for boater's information and use.   


John Pridmore owned his 1979 Birchwood 25, 'WildGarlic', with his family for over 26 years. As you can see in the caricature on the opening page, time on it was enjoyed by family and friends. The picture here is of Wild Garlic at a Bedford River Festival. 

John published the Birchwood Classics Newsletters in the late 90's. These were developed through the good graces of the boating media, Birchwood Marine International, Alex McMullen of MBM, and owners and boating enthusiasts who provided information and support. 

John has original source material some gained from his visit to the factory in Huthwaite, Sutton in Ashfield and subsequent meetings and discussions over the years with the different owners of the Birchwood Boat companies. Also with experienced staff at marinas, brokers and chandlers. He is in regular contact with the present owners of Birchwood and the Birchwood Owners group on facebook. John was editor of GOBA News, the magazine of the Great Ouse Boating Association, when he won its first awards. He still contributes articles. He regularly contributed to MBM, and Anglia Afloat. He exchanges information  with, and recommends, the online magazine, 

Birchwood history & Marques

The Birchwood company has had a turbulent time and a variety of names. The original company was called the Birchwood Boat Co. The name came from the house where founder Ted Andrews built his first boat. (More 'history' can be downloaded from the last page of this site. Much of this  was obtained from Michael Bean who worked at Birchwood and from a meeting with the daughter of Ted Andrews.)

Birchwood Boats include:

Birchwood 22's - originally called the Interceptor Junior - approx 1,000 built 1970 to 1980.

Birchwood Interceptor, renamed the Birchwood 25 in 1975, 1,500 built 1968 to 1980. 

Birchwood 27 Countess, 100 between 1980 and 1984.

Birchwood 29 Senator or Sedan, over 200 built between 1976 and 1983.

Birchwood 31 Commodore, nearly 100 between 1981 and 1984. 

Birchwood 33/GT33 (later called Viceroy) was originally known as the Newport 33 built by Marine & Industrial Mouldings in Newport Pagnell. It was later bought by Birchwood in 1972. 

Through the 70's Birchwood built the bare hull and superstructure of the GT33 for completion by other boatyards or individuals. At the  1973 London Boat Show they launched the Birchwood 33 Series II.

Birchwood Sportsman 33 with aft cockpit and flybridge was introduced in 1976. 

Birchwood Viceroy 33 succeeded the above in 1980. Same hull but different superstructure and layout. Over 300 33's were built from 1973 to 1982.

Birchwood 35S/Sportsman 35 was introduced in 1978. This was a stretched version of the 33. The Sportsman 35 has a flying bridge.

Birchwood 37 President, 60 built between 1981 and 1984. It was superseded by the TS37. (If you have any info on this please forward it through the link below.)

Birchwood Regent 48. 20 built. 

(References: Alex McMullen, Birchwood Marine International, MBM, Jones Boatyard.)

(Later models can be found on leaflets on the download page, on the site or on request to:

Useful Contacts


Useful contacts

The information exchange between Birchwood Marine International Ltd and Birchwood Classics is ongoing. For info on new Birchwood Boats and the company's future plans go to the above website. 

facebook Birchwood Owners Group

Good info placed by Birchwood owners. Join for a social interchange.


W H Jones is the largest marina on the river Great Ouse. It has moorings, fuel, chandlery, brokerage, and generations of knowledge.

The Great Ouse Boating Association represents boaters on the Great Ouse. Membership gives access to its moorings and its magazine.

Sheridan supplies parts for WaterMota Petrol Engines and J-Type Gearboxes. Also provides parts for classic boating brands.,_Notts) 

This site provides details on Birchwood boats and even lists the craft with names, reg nos and their boatyards on the broads.

   "A bad day on the water is better than a good day in the office."

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